I’m Andrea, a librarian at The Seattle Public Library. Thanks for using Your Next Skill to learn how to grow a container garden focused on vegetables. Below are several different items – books, an online video and an in-person class - which I think may help you get started gardening in your small space.

If you have additional questions for us about this specific learning plan, please contact us using this link. We welcome you to fill in a new form for your next skill!

Happy Learning!


Edible Spots & Pots by Stacey Hirvela

This book begins with a section on container gardening covering the essentials, including pot and soil selection. Other chapters cover location and combination pots.


Container Theme Gardens by Nancy J. Ondra

Using five plants per container, Ondra provides 42 different themed combinations for your container, from decorative planters to edible planters.


Any Size, Anywhere Edible Gardening by William Moss

Another great introductory title, this book also includes instructions for growing vegetables vertically.

How to Plant Vegetable Container Gardens
Behnke Nurseries presents a 15 minute video that covers a lot of information while demonstrating how to plant three different containers of vegetables. This is a great introductory overview. I've also found that searching for specific questions on YouTube can be a great way to find advice (for example, there are a lot of people demonstrating how to grow potatoes in a pot. It's delightful).

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